The FOCUS BRASIL events are conceived and organized by the FOCUS BRASIL FOUNDATION, a organization dedicated to promoting Brazilian themed, artistic, cultural, business and community events, worldwide.

Founded and presided by acclaimed Brazilian journalist and producer Carlos Borges-  Brazilian-American citizen with 5 decades of successful experience in the fields of Journalism and event production, and since 1989, living in the U.S.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, FOCUS BRASIL FOUNDATION has representatives in Orlando, Boston, New York and Los Angeles (USA), São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador (Brazil), Tokyo (Japan), London (United Kingdom), Paris (France) and Milan (Italy).

FOCUS BRASIL means several realizations like Press Award, Business Award, Visual Arts Award, Focus Brasil Award, Community Media Award, Community in Action Award, Brazilian Eyes Project,  Video Fest amd ExpoArt. All of that are trademarks of FOCUS BRASIL FOUNDATION.

Main Email
– info@focusbrasil.org
Fort Lauderdale – CARLOS BORGES – cb@focusbrasil.org / ANDREA VIANNA – andrea@focusbrasil.org
Orlando – MAIDA MANES – orlando@focusbrasil.org / maida.manes@jornalbb.com
Boston – ALEX COLOMBINI –  alex@jornaldossports.com  / MARA RUBIA SANFILIPPO – boston@focusbrasil.org  / marajsilva@yahoo.com
Japan – MÁRIO MAKUDA –  japan@focusbrasil.org / makuda@promotionbrasil.com
United Kingdom – KÁTIA FONSECA – uk@focusbrasil.org / katia_capovilla@yahoo.com.br
Italy – VANESSA LAPOLLI – milan@focusbrasil.org / vanessamedeiros1@hotmail.com